PFM Residential Land Development Funds

  • Investor Risk Profile: ”Balanced” to “High Growth” Risk Profile
  • Investment Time Horizon: Medium to long term (2-10 years)
  • Indicative returns*: Target return to investors of 15.0% IRR, net of all expected Fund expenses and all fees, including performance fees.

Fund Objectives:  These funds will establish sub-funds to acquire medium to large green fields sites suitable for residential developments, ranging in scale of 50 lots to 1000 lots or more, with the prospect of each stage of the development seeing the release of lots in stages to market, throughout the life of each syndicate.

Purpose:  To create sub funds enabling investors to invest in land that is commercially suitable and ready for residential development. It may already have a permit to subdivide or PFM believes that attainment of a permit would be within a realistic timeframe and the land is consistent with the objectives of these Sub Funds.

Suitability:  Suitable for investors with a medium to long term horizon, with a “Balanced” to “High Growth” risk profile. Investors can expect - throughout the life of the syndicate - attractive returns via dividends (paid in proportion to their shareholding in the Sub-Funds), along with partial returns of capital with capital gains when stages of the project are completed and sold to the market and as each property settles.

*Disclaimer: Returns are not guaranteed.