PFM Residential Land-Bank Development Funds

  • Investor Risk Profile: Suitable for investors with “High Growth” Risk Profile
  • Investment Time Horizon: Long term (5–10 years)
  • Indicative returns*: Indicative investor returns for these funds can range up to 300% depending on the nature of the site town planning and local council regulations, state government regulations, the time it takes to secure re-zoning, the costs in obtaining the re-zoning, and population trends and growth.

Fund Objectives: These Sub Funds will consist of individual property funds (or Special Purpose Companies) - and can be tailor designed by PFM to suit both the needs of the individual investor, or a pool of investors. These Sub Funds are tailored to suit investors seeking to invest where they wish to diversify their risk by joining with other investors thereby enabling them to secure much larger sites with reduced risk. These syndicates will only hold broad acre property/properties earmarked for future re-zoning into residential zoning then qualifying for development into residential lots.

Purpose: To create a series of property Sub Funds enabling investors to invest in land that has the potential of being developed for residential purposes in the long-term. Investors may not receive any returns during the land-banking period, which could be for 5 to 10 years.

Suitability: Suitable for investors seeking to invest for the longer term (five years plus).  Investors in the “Land-Bank” Series of funds will be best positioned to also participate in other PFM funds as follows, e.g. PFM’s Residential Land Development Opportunities Fund. Investors will be offered these further investment opportunities ahead of the broader investor market, with the option to either redeem their total investment or to re-invest all or part of their funds to secure shares in the Residential Land Development Fund.

* Disclaimer: Returns are not guaranteed.