PFM Commercial Building Funds

  • Investor Risk Profile: Medium risk, suited to investors with a  “Moderately Conservative” to "Balanced" Risk Profile
  • Investment Time Horizon: medium to long term (5–10 years)
  • Indicative returns*:
    Income:                             4%—8%pa;
    Capital Growth:              4%—10%pa;
    Total Returns:                8%—18%pa.

Fund Objectives:  Will acquire commercial buildings - within commercial city precincts, or office parks - which meet PFM’s stringent investment due diligence criteria, including the quality of tenants.

Purpose:  To create Syndicated Sub Funds, enabling investors to invest in appropriate “A class" investor grade commercial property/properties whose profile, tenancy history and projected return fit within the fund's investment aims.

Commentary:  These investments can be tailored to suit specific needs for individuals, or those wishing to be part of a syndicate of like-minded investors. Annual reports will detail valuations and revaluations of held properties. Subject to appropriate, independent taxation advice, significant taxation advantages - via depreciation allowances - may be possible, depending on personal circumstances.

Returns*: Investors can hope to receive returns in the form of quarterly income distributions and capital appreciation over the life of the fund, generally 10 years.

*Disclaimer: Returns are not guaranteed.